I was born in Turkey in 1936. My professional education is in structural engineering. In 1968, I immigrated to the United States. Currently, I am a retired engineer, a middle-eastern musician and an oud and violin maker.

I have a wife, two children and four grandchildren.

My career of instrument making started in 1953 when I made my first violin under the direction of Mr. M. Emin Konal, who was a local lutier. During my college years -- 1955 to 1960 -- I worked as an apprentice in a musical instrument-making and repairing shop at Kadikoy, Istanbul. This shop was owned by Mr. Murat Sunbuloglu, until his death in 1962. In his shop, I studied the repair of all kinds of Turkish musical instruments. Until my immigration to the U.S., I was making and repairing Turkish musical instruments. At the same time, I was studying and mastering violin making.

In 1968, I came to Philadelphia to work as an engineer in a local consulting firm. I also began looking for a violin shop for which I could do some extra work, earn extra income and learn more about violin repair and restoration. In 1969, I met Mr. Adolph Primavera at his violin shop on 18th Street, and I stayed and worked with him until his death in 2001.

In 1972, while I was working for Primavera Violins, I traveled to Turkey and took some oud-making material to Hadi Usta, whom I had met during previous trips. At his shop in Aksaray, Istanbul, I had him make three ouds for me within three weeks and I studied his oud-making process for those three weeks. He helped me with any questions that I had. I am very much in debt for his generous help. God bless his soul. Amen.

Dincer Dalkilic

During the 1980's, I gained the confidence of my late master, Mr. Primavera, and start working on the violins of old Italian masters. During this period, I restored and/or worked on five Strads and many beautiful violins and cellos.

I made my first oud in 1973, immediately upon returning from my visit with Hadi Usta in Turkey. This oud is still in my possession. Between 1996 and 1998, I had a little workshop in Istanbul, where, with Mr. Cinucen Tanrikorur, and I really studied every aspect of the oud. We were able to determine new standards for a Turkish oud. He was the virtuoso of oud playing, and I was his craftsman for oudmaking. Mr. Tanrikorur has since deceased, and I consider it a great honor to carry on his legacy, as well as those of many others, through middle-eastern music and the inspiration and art of oudmaking.

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