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Information on Oud:

      "Bilge Öncül and Kane Mathis"

  • "Guitar of Middle East"

    An excellent article written by Mutlu Torun who is a famous oudist from Istanbul, Turkey. He is also the writer of the one of the best oud methods. Currently Mutlu Torun teaches at the Istanbul Technical University, Conservatory of Traditional Music in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • "Ouds"

    Another excellent article written by David Brown.

  • The Oud

    A rapidy growing site devoted to oud that has articles about maqamat as well history and artists, it is created by David Parfitt.

  • Ud Web / Oud Web

    A very informative and easy to navigate site about oud. Do you wonder why you get a lot of miss-hits to Dutch sites when you search the internet with just the keyword "oud," you can find out the answer here! This site is maintained by Gregor Schaefer.

  • Pablo's oud page

    Another growing site devoted to oud including photos, history of oud, and a sound file.

  • Andrew Kasparian

    A site that has oud photos.

  • Medieval Intabulation Project 1999

    This site is more about the Western lute, yet it also has oud and kopuz (also known as kopoz, an old version of oud) pictures, sound samples, and pictures to demonstrate how to hold the oud and the plectrum.

  • Magdy El-Ashmawy Website

    Magdy El-Ashmawy is interested in building modified ouds such as his 8 string oud.

  • Instruments du Monde

    The best index of world instruments, including oud, I have seen so far on the net. This site is in French.


Ouds, oud methods, oud strings, and oud lessons:

  • Maqam

    This site is owned and operated by musicians, and is dedicated to the promotion of fine Arabic and Middle Eastern music.

  • Lark in the Morning

    They sell ouds, oud strings, and oud methods (including an excellent method by Mutlu Torun). You can also take oud lessons if you live close to one of their centers listed on their web-site.

  • The Ultimate Ethnic Musical Instruments Source

    They sell oud, saz and other Middle-Eastern instruments as well as Indian and African instruments. To see the ouds they sell, you have to click their "Miscellany" category.

  • Najarian Music

    Viken Najarian builds ouds which you can buy at this site. He also has an oud method and an album released by Najarian Music.

  • La Bella

    E. & O. Mari, Inc., the maker of La Bella Strings, is one of America's oldest and largest manufacturers of fine strings for virtually every kind of stringed instrument. They have oud strings, but it is not listed on their site, you have to call the contact number to order.

  • Pyramid Strings

    This is a German string company which has distributors in the United States. They have excellent oud strings, but it is not listed on this site, you have to call the contact number to order. If you live in Europe, click here to go to their official, German site.

  • Old Town School of Folk Music

    If you live in or close to Chicago, you can take private oud lessons or Middle Eastern music theory lessons in this school from a Palestinian oudist, Issa Boulos.

  • Turkish Music Club

    Turkish Music Club (TMC) is a Music Club specializing in the music of Turkish Republics.


Information about the Middle-Eastern Music:

  • Music of the Near East

    This web-site is maintained by Pantelis Vassilakis. It has information about the UCLA's Near East Ensemble and the director of the ensemble, Ali Jihad Racy. This page also provides information about Middle-Eastern musical instruments, and Middle-Eastern music theory. There are audio samples and also a video demonstration on the ud by Ali Jihad Racy.

  • Al Mashriq

    Many useful links and information about Middle-Eastern music.

  • Middle-Eastern Culture

    This site has information about the Middle-Eastern music and a number of translated song lyrics. It is maintained by Shira




Traditional Music Festivals, Museums, Resources:

  • International Istanbul Festival (in Istanbul, Turkey)

    Istanbul Festival has aimed at including in its programmes the finest examples of artistic creativity in the fields of music (orchestral concerts, chamber music, recitals and traditional Turkish music), classical ballet and contemporary dance, opera, folklore, jazz/pop, cinema, drama and visual arts from both Turkey and abroad, as well as seminars, conferences and lectures. Each year, since the year of its foundation, the International Istanbul Festival programme has included an average of fifty events designed to appeal to a great variety of tastes, resulting in a steady annual increase in attendance figures. In 1977, it was accreditted as a member of European Festivals Association.

  • Yabous Productions

    A non-profit organization for the production of performing arts in Jerusalem. They organize events such as "the Jerusalem Festival for Arabic Music Festival," and the Jerusalem Festival for Religious Music "Amen."

  • World Sacred Music Festival (in Fez, Morocco)

    Every year travelers from all over the world meet in the holycity of Fez, Morocco, for the World Sacred Music Festival, where leading musicians of world calibre share sacred music from the spiritual traditions of both East and West.

  • Interactive Museum of Turkey

    They have excellent articles on Turkish music at their "Resource Center," as well as art news, and virtual tour of many important museums in Turkey.

  • Turath

    Turath is a non-profit educational organization providing resources for world arts and multi-cultural collaboration.


Middle-Eastern Music Camps in the U.S.:


Record Labels:

We review many CDs on our "Oud CDs" page and these reviews include links to the record labels from which the CDs are released. All the labels that you see here have either released Middle-Eastern music, but not necessarily oud music or they have released oud music, but we have not reviewed them on our "Our CDs" page yet.





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