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     Palestinian Heritage







On these pages you will find the listings of variety of oud CDs from different cultures and also some helpful information on how to obtain them. The CDs that we have chosen showcase the oud in a variety of context from solo performances to large ensembles. Many of them are available through larger on-line distributors such as CDnow,, Borders, Barnes&Noble and Tower Records, etc. At the bottom of this page, you will see links to some of these distributors. These services can be extremely helpful since it is difficult to find most of these titles at your local record store. To help you find some of the rare CDs, we have added links in the form of URL into the reviews, clicking on these links will take you to the record label's or the distributor's home page for that recording. These pages are constantly under construction since there are always new CD releases, and there will always be CDs we have not found yet! We had a hard time deciding how to categorize these CDs, and for now decided to categorize by country. We might add another category with artist names if needed. When you click on a country link above, you will go to the list of CDs that we reviewed from that country. Then when you click on a CD, you will go to the review of that CD and information on how to obtain it. The CDs are not presented in any specific order. In the future, you will also see sound samples and our personal reviews of some of the CDs. If you find a CD that is not listed here, please let us know via our "Feedback" page. Thanks a lot.



*Quotation: "Bilge Öncül and Kane Mathis"s webpages
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